Wipro partners Genesys to develop solutions for autonomous vehicles Software services major Wipro has joined hands with Genesys International Corporation to develop for autonomous vehicles.

, which has been extensively working on high-definition maps, will use its “core strength and expertise” to develop high definition maps and content. It uses light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology, an active remote sensing method that improves accuracy of maps and other environment.

will develop the navigational and control technology for autonomous system and smart mobility companies.

As of a pact between the companies, Wipro and Genesys first worked on creating a high definition map of the Wipro campus in Bengaluru and that has now enabled the pilot vehicle, developed by Wipro, to drive around the campus autonomously.

“Wipro’s partnership with Genesys will further accelerate the deployment of these solutions in the autonomous system space. This partnership enhances Wipro’s offering in the autonomous system market and reinforces our ability to support the initiative of our global customers,” KR Sanjiv, chief technology officer, Wipro, was quoted in the statement.

Infosys, India’s second-largest software services exporter, tested a driverless golf cart nearly a year ago using open source technologies to show its capabilities in the autonomous vehicle . The company worked with the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi, to develop this driverless cart.

Software services providers have started tapping the autonomous vehicle segment as one of the emerging growth sectors given the opportunities in cloud-based autonomous car sharing.

Large tech services companies have acquired small firms to get IP-led technologies to build the backbone for driverless vehicles. Tech Mahindra is betting big on buiding an autonomous car with Italian design and engineering major Pininfarina, which was acquired by the IT services in 2016.

“HD mapping for autonomous driving is a $-billion opportunity…. This partnership with Wipro will strengthen our presence in the autonomous system space,” said Rajendra Tamhane, senior vice president, Genesys.

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