HTC’s Vive Pro is on its way to one of the best-known arcades in the .

As the trailer below shows, a new VR game is to the Japan-based arcade based on the hit shooter, Galaga. More importantly, though, the video showing off the game and its arcade pod confirms that the new Vive Pro is being used for the installations. It’s coupled with gun-shaped controllers fitted with the Vive Tracker and, from what we can see, is being tracked using SteamVR’s new base stations too.

Judging by the trailer above the game, called Gala , has the 8-bit enemies from the original title invading the real world, and it’s up to you and a friend to fight them back.

It’s not clear if Vive Pro is coming to all of VR ’s offerings, which of course include the Mario Kart VR experience and a Dragonball Z tie-in too.

Vive Pro improves upon the original headset with a new 3K display, integrated audio and revised design. The headset is supposed to be launching as a base unit for existing Vive owners in the near future, with a full release featuring the new SteamVR kit taking place later in the year.

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