Waking up I use the bathroom and let the dogs out still half asleep I ask Alexa what the temperature is, wife still asleep it is only 6AM slowly make my way upstairs and into the VR room, sitting down in my chair I turn on the PC, I no longer switch the monitor on, grabbing my Vive I slip it on my head and reach for the well known placement of the wands activating each then waiting for the light houses to wake up.

I just sit there and take a few breaths in another the Steam VR in front of me, I have done this now for over a year and it still feels magical, what will I do next ? What new or old realm will I explore.

Reading reddit or playing a game, exploring the planet with earth VR, looking at the new titles on steam and wondering what to do next.

This morning it was 30 minutes in Gorn trying not to giggle crazily as I smashed heads in, an hour in Elite Dangerous, about 40 minutes on Reddit, then I check email and write a couple of messages a birthday wish on .

Somewhere between 1 and 2 minutes is when the SDE and resolution cease to exist to me, I am in these worlds, I turn on Hordez and blow some zombies away marveling at how new playing first person shooters feels after 30 years of screen gaming, Vanishing realms getting past a trap by laying on my stomach and crawling past, bow fights with NPC's while dodging behind a tree between shots.

I miss a few games Warframe and Mass effect, but devs are still taking baby steps.

4 hours go so quickly and then Alexa lets me know its time to cook breakfast and check on Wife.

I tried playing a couple of flat screen My old favourites with a mouse and keyboard those that I almost worshipped a year ago and I can not do it, Feels like I am standing outside my next door neighbours window watching my favourite show from outside an impenetrable force field between me and the game forever spoiled by the act of actually being inside a game.

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