In the second part of 018, we17;ve many improvements to Design Systems (subpages in custom pages, protection from losing documentation, table element), the Editor (copy-paste of interactions, manual distance measurement, blur, and more), and also a new version of Sketch plugin 4..4 with small bug fixes and improvements.

Design Systems

  • Add and manage subpages for custom pages in the Design System documentation. 
  • Protection from losing changes in the Design System documentation when the user is logged out. 
  • Add a table element to the Design System documentation.

Sketch plugin 4.10.4

  • Small fixes and improvements.


  • Clone/detach/break symbol and clear overrides from right-click menu in the Editor.
  • Copy and paste of interactions across all elements. 
  • Manual measurement of distances between two elements on the canvas. 
  • Blur for elements on the canvas. 
  • Smoother repositioning of a layer into a group of layers. 

If you’re interested what we’ve released in January, please check Changelog 2018 #1.

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