Recognized for Promoting Student Innovation.  

Last week, the team at zSpace was thrilled to recognize Utica Community Schools (UCS) as a Center of Excellence. UCS is the second largest school district in Michigan, and was given this distinction for their dedication to promoting student innovation and giving students a competitive edge for future jobs.

The 28,000-student district is using zSpace in four elementary schools as part of it’s focus prepare students for the careers of tomorrow, where virtual engineering and 3D environments will be a part of their everyday lives.

“The district has become an educational leader in the fields of engineering technology, advanced manufacturing and robotics through its location in the heart of the automotive and defense industries,” Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said. “We are instilling the innovation, problem-solving and creative thinking that employers are seeking from today’s graduates.”

Watch this short video to learn more about how UCS is using zSpace to give their students a competitive edge in the workforce.

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