For the ones that are thinking to now please take Andreas Antonopoulos advice and in it as much as you understand it. If you feel that you understand 5% 5% but more importantly if you understand 0% 0% and no, “Block-chain is this new that will change the ” does not count as understanding. Take your money and put them somewhere that you feel comfortable with. The problem with all the recent FUD and negativity lies with the fact that 90% of the people in crypto are mostly people who “invested” at the end of 2017, and 99% of them the only reason they had in doing so was the . When the only reason you have when you buy something is the belief that you are going to sell it for more guess what happens when the drops. You are left with no . No to be in it. When your money are into something for no reason you panic, you loose your sleep, you get angry, you discover all the why you shouldn’t have invested in it. Please do your self a favor and educate yourself’s. Try to understand and if you want to HODL do it for a reason other than the . I am heavily invested and I sleep like a baby. And if I loose everything is going to be because of something I didn’t see happening before it happened (and nothing of the sort has happened yet). Not something that I wish I knew (and I could have known) before I invested. In fact “investing” is not even the right word to use. “Backing up” the technology is…If you are here for the money please leave. If you are here because of the way the future can unfold (outside the potential coin increase) then enjoy the ride. What I see now (all the work, the ideas, the ongoing development) if you take out the visibility is so positive that I wonder where do the people find the FUD? If you can not then stick with the bloomberg, the FT and the CNBC articles that you so much like. They all have one common characteristic. All of them fail to accept that the current technology is continuously developing and what is today is going to be much better in a year. If you can not relate to what I am saying have a look at that about why will fail from 2006:

and that one on why will fail from 1995:

If you are already in…you have a chance to educate yourselfs even late and NOT be the guys who wrote these articles.

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