Robotics is changing the way we do business. The transformation is happening in almost every industry. Reis & Irvy’s brings the novelty of robotic delivery to the fun experience of selecting and savoring .

The kiosk serves up to nine flavors and a choice of six delicious toppings in just 60 seconds or less. It’s a enclosed point-of-sale system that offers an interactive, robotic kiosk and incredible sensory experience.

The anticipation begins as the robot goes through its fluid gyrations, creating delicious frozen treats and a visual performance for consumers of all ages. Imagine a creamy, delicious customized frozen yogurt created just the way you want it and served by an endearing robot.

The Robot concept launched in 2016 and established itself as a high-demand franchise business opportunity. Since its launch, the Reis & Irvy’s franchise network has grown to more than 200 appointed franchisees across the U.S., representing over 00 robots domestically and internationally.

Reis & Irvy’s froyo robots have the ability to adapt to almost any consumer environment and offer a profitable opportunity in high-traffic destinations. Hospitals, grocery stores, malls, family entertainment centers, colleges, military bases, museums, science centers and prominent airport locations have already been secured. To date, Reis & Irvy’s has signed on with over 400 locations for its growing franchise network.

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