This past weekend I attended the R User Day at Data Day Texas in Austin. It was a great event, mainly because so many awesome people from the R community came to give some really interesting talks. Lucy D’Agostino McGowan has kindly provided a list of the talks and links to slides, and I thoroughly recommend checking it out: you’re sure to find a talk (or two, or five or ten) that interests you.

My own talk was on Speeding up R with in the , where I talked about using the doAzureParallel package to launch clusters for use with the foreach , and using aztk to launch Spark clusters for use with the sparklyr package. I’ve embdeded the slides below: it’s not quite the same without the demos (and sadly there was no video recording), but I’ve included screenshots in the slides to hopefully make it clear.

Live Free or Dichotomize: Wrangling Data Day Texas Slides

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