I don’t understand people buying Antminers. from them in 2013-2014. Here is what i discovered investigating why one of the Antminer was full of dust.

Here is what does.

1-They manufacture Antminers.

2-Keep the production of newer units “secret”.

3-Calculate very thoroughly when to announce and them so their costumers will be (or think they will be) able to make some pennies.

4 -Dump their used on the market by batches as the new version batches comes in freshly manufactured.

5- Repeat.

Conclusion: Unless you have privileged to miners or free electricity, mining.

directly in Bitcoins.

Sending 1 BTC to Bitmain to get miners might result in 1.00xxx BTC. Why is that ? Because Bitmain sells the Antminers very close to the amount of BTC it will be able to mine in the future considering difficulty.
Hours of work for close to nothing.

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