Im not sure if this or r/entrepreneur is the best place to post this, but I like seeing all the hardworking folks in this field.

I have a small selling perfume decants similar to Scentbird, Scent Box, Scent Trunk…etc, but im servicing the Australian market as these companies are yet to arrive here and the current services are robbing customers.

Im out atomisers and vials of perfume out on a monthly subscription basis similar to those companies, but i’m using pouches instead of boxes. Understandably that offers less protection but it reduces weight considerably and overall costs. Im also using padded parcels to ship and taking a risk all would be well domestically to reduce overhead costs.

Can someone guide me to some ways of reducing shipping costs. Australia post is approximating $7 AUD a parcel. Reading up on Whirlpool forums, I could risk sending individual vials (rigid items) in letters as they fit the dimensions at a much cheaper subsidized rate. From what I’ve gathered it seems to be fine 99% of the time and ill have to cover the 1% of times it doesn’t work out.

Can anyone advise me on my situation?

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