Prep YAR headsets because -themed , Narrows, by Resolution Games (Bait! and Wonderglade) is dropping its anchor next month on February 15th. Described as “a roguelike strategy game that’s a little bit FTL, a little bit Sid Meier’s Pirates,” Narrows will cost $9.99 at launch.

Resolution has quickly made a name for itself as one of the strongest mobile VR game developers and Narrows certainly looks like it will be up to that same standard.

Judging from the trailer above, it definitely seems like there is a nice diversity of gameplay types from a top-down strategy element with map movement, to ship battles, and even melee combat against enemies trying to board your ship.

With the game’s launch just about two weeks away it won’t be long before we can put it through its paces and see how it stacks up on the high seas.

Let us know your thoughts on it down in the comments below!

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