Energy Australia is proudly partnered with DiUS, an Australian company dedicated to providing support for all sizes of companies to innovate through emerging and its business application. DiUS consists of talented, professional individuals who specialise in engineering software and hardware . They are eager to continue their success in building the next generation of products and services that provide feedback from IoT sensors and networks.

DiUS solves the unsolvable and pioneer the opportunities to make it happen.

We interviewed three experts from DiUS who will be joining our program as Intrepreneurs in Residence (IIR). IIRs will work with the to experiment in the market through development and deployment of projects including prototypes and pilots. We gained insight on some of their experiences, advice and excitement in their steps moving forward with the program.


Paula Burton, Principal

Paula’s world revolves around connecting the dots between technology, ideas and smart people to help solutions come to life. She has a unique ability to balance the financial, human and creative aspects of business, without losing focus on the greater goal of creating a better future.

Pete Cohen, Principal Consultant

Pete helps business and technology people understand each other to ensure projects provide the best possible value to our clients. In addition, he’s passionate about Creating Shared Value – which combines creating value for companies with adding value to the broader society.

Kirsty Miller, Head of Partnerships

Focus: partnerships and strategic business development to help DiUS manage current performance while maximising future opportunities for growth. A technology marketer with a passion for clear and compelling storytelling, Kirsty is also an avid science fiction and fantasy reader.

  1. What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned at DiUS that you can offer the startups?

Paula Burton describes her most valuable lesson while working at DiUS as, “technology is never the reason why a product, platform, project or service fails, it always comes back to the people” (Burton). The dedication of the workers are the most crucial asset a business can attain. Paula has demonstrated these qualities by giving guidance, and strengthening organisation’s capabilities in order to grow in the complex business environment.

Kirsty Miller states that DiUS knows having an idea is only the beginning process of innovating. The hard part is making it happen; the execution. “Sustained innovation requires a balance between encouraging creativity and experimentation, adhering to process, and having the talent and skills within the team to help you grow. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it” (Miller).

2. What excites you the most about working with startups?

Peter Cohen relayed his thoughts to us, “At the bigger end there tends to be a lot of politics and constraints that gets in the way of quickly delivering customer value” (Cohen). Peter is ready, and excited for the realness of striving towards a particular goal, and establishing the right product/market fit based on each of the Startups different obstacles.

Kirsty emphasizes the enthusiasm she has watching a overcome their obstacles, and create success for themselves. She is most passionate about working with the startups because they are helping to solve the problem we have globally: energy. “Having the opportunity to actually contribute to the well-being of our environment and society is a powerful and worthy outcome” (Miller).

3. Are there any teams in particular you are looking forward to working with?

Paula is looking forward to working with Pawel Kaplanski, and his company Cognitum. She believes Cognitum is “technology and concept that is still to find the ultimate use case” (Burton), and wants to hear all of Pawel’s brilliant ideas.

Peter is excited to see what WePower will bring to the table as they lay the foundation to integrate themselves into the market. He also finds 1Ansah’s mix of technology interesting and “are in a space where I think there will be a strong opportunity for DiUS to help” (Cohen).

4. The best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?

Paula Burton: ‘Stand for something, or fall for anything’

Peter Cohen: ‘Alignment within the team is key, and it can’t be taken for granted. Rather, it requires clear and consistent communication about strategy, priority, learnings from the market’

Kirsty Miller: ‘Don’t underestimate the power of great relationships in driving success; being easy to work with, really listening to other people and providing honest feedback can move mountains.’

DiUS has a strong focus on helping grow the startup company industry. They have a lot of experience in the smart energy sector, both in helping the industry to deliver innovation to its customers and in developing their own products for the Australian and International marketplace. Their organisation is looking forward to sharing these insights with the SBC Energy Australia selected startups to help move their ideas forward.

As part of its support, DiUS will provide hands-on mentorship and deliver a series of workshops drawing on its delivery expertise. “Whether you are a startup or a corporate, the same lean principles apply: develop with your customer in mind and understand how to scale” (Kirsty Miller).

To learn more about the program and our startups or DiUS please check out this links below:

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