Hello everyone,

I’m the author and maintainer of https://github.com/Svalorzen/AI-Toolbox. This is a C++/Python project that I started during my Master years, as I could not find any comprehensive repository of all the methods that I wanted to experiment with when I was first starting to learn about the field. It contains of more than , and it is basically my own way of taking notes of I like. It is very actively maintained (by me).

The code quality is very high and is very well documented, but it only supports representations,. I also hope to be able to use this in course materials, to teach students, so I try to keep the code as simple as possible (which should help if you want to customize it) and explain everything it does in comments. I have published a paper in ICML using this code, and I am currently trying to publish the toolbox in JMLR.

I would love to receive any type of feedback, as I have struggled to find people who would engage with the project. I’m not sure whether I am doing something wrong. I really hope you will like it and that it will help you in some way.

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