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Graphic processor major NVIDIA plans to expand gaming footprint in by adding gaming cafes in India this .

The US-headquartered company said the country has a bigger scope for growth with its increasing online gaming community and has seen a sharp rise in use of gaming hardware and computers in the past few years.

There are nearly 0 such gaming cafes currently and less than 00 non-exclusive cafes, said Vamsi Krishna, Head of Consumer , South Asia, NVIDIA.

NVIDIA, which co-organised the 14th edition of Gamer Connect in Bengaluru last month, said the company has taken a three-pronged approach to grow the digital gaming community in the country.

Krishna said India has approximately 16 million gamers who are playing on PCs and consoles and of them roughly 1.2 million have a good hardware for playing on digital platforms.

The company would assist partners to set up the gaming cafes and in marketing. “We are reaching out to large, medium and small investors we are training them in terms of what kind of return on investment they can expect,” said Krishna, adding that NVIDIA’s investment would be in supporting them with marketing activities

Despite the faster growth in gaming community, according to Krishna, India has a lot to catch up in gaming environment as one of its Asian neighbour Vietnam has 42000 gaming cafes.

Besides, the company is helping in building the gaming community through events such as Gamer Connect, which saw a footfall of 700 enthusiasts at the 14th edition in Bengaluru having started with 10 people in Bhubaneswar.

Majority of the gamers are in the age group of 18-24 years and this creates a tremendous opportunity for companies like NVIDIA, said analysts.

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