Nickelodeon today premiered its experience at IMAX locations in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, with plans to add Shanghai, Bangkok and Manchester soon.

The social VR software allows up to six players to step inside Nickelodeon’s virtual and participate in a number of activities. The experience was built using Unreal and Nvidia’s Flex particle system to help simulate Nickelodeon’s iconic green slime — which you can of course launch at other people in VR. Activities include ping pong and basketball, as well as art projects. Players outside VR can even use a spectator mode to fly a drone inside the virtual with the other players. You can also watch Nickelodeon cartoons.

The experience comes from Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab, which has been exploring VR, AR and AI-driven experiences for kids. Nickelodeon also recently invested in Dreamscape Immersive — a startup building VR attractions enhanced with environmental effects — and they agreed to develop an experience together.

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