Western calls first full snow days in 37 years

Western Campus during snowdays

Western calls first full snow days in 37 years

Jan 27, 2017

Students and faculty experienced a snow storm that shut down campus on the first days of the semester.

On January 9 - 10, Western’s administration sent out notices that classes were canceled for the first time since 1970, due to a large snow storm that descended into the Gunnison Valley the Sunday before spring semester started.

Gunnison snow plows were having trouble keeping up with the snow as it kept falling throughout the night and days. The sidewalks turned into ice rinks and were unsafe for student travels.

“Gunnison had already a foot of snow on the ground before the storm came in,” Professor Paul Edwards said. Edwards has been teaching Communication Arts at Western for 30 years.

Western students were able to enjoy two extra days of break, sledding, skiing and the steady amount of snow pilling up on campus.

“I was expecting to go to class on Monday, but when I got the notice about class being canceled, I was able to finish my Bob’s Burgers marathon,” sophomore Gunnar Noebel said.

Western’s last cancelation due to snow was in the 2007-2008 school year when students and faculty left class on a half day.

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Students and faculty were able to start their spring semester Wednesday January 11, with make-up days in the work for the two-day set back.

“I always say this makes the community stronger and more prepared for other storms that may roll in the next couple of weeks,” Edwards said.