mlcourse.ai is an open and free ML course led by OpenDataScience, or ods.ai, a big (>5k members) community known firstly for its top Kagglers. The course is -week long and has lots of practice including assignments (each week), Kaggle Inclass competitions, individual projects and tutorials. However, focus is made on a perfect balance between theory and practice, so prerequisites include both basic math concepts and Python skills.

This is actually a MOOC, ~4k guys already passed it in , now is the second time the course in English.

What’s so special about the course?

  • There will be an interactive student rating making it fun to participate and motivating to endure till the end

  • It’s not for beginners, the pace is pretty intensive

  • The course is supported by a big and alive community, you”ll find authors of articles/assignments/competitions right in the same Slack channel. We chat informally, with jokes and gags

  • We prefer text to video, all main material is already there in a form of Medium articles and Jupyter notebooks, https://mlcourse.ai/resources


The next session starts on , 1. It’s going to be a harsh 10-week sprint, but lots of fun in process and cool experience in the end. Ready? Fill in this form. Closer to the start, you’ll be invited in Slack channel #mlcourse_. No formal registration is needed for the course, it’ll suffice to follow updates in Slack.

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