I am not going to go into all the details of my business idea, but rather into the details of what I’m looking for in a co-founder. Obviously if someone will share my vision is something I would have to establish through communication and interviewing. I’m hoping reddit can advise me on all the ways / platforms to others new to business but with a skill set that makes up for where I lack. Ways to reach out and any pertaining to this? I am confident my business will succeed long term but establishing a co-founder/s is crucial to the beginning phases of the business.

I am aware of linked in but haven’t used it enough to know if there’s ways to filter what I’m looking for in potential partners , or how to navigate it efficiently for qualified yet not already completely successful individuals that wouldn’t be interested. I’m considering schooling just for growing my skill set and network but would prefer to just dive right into it. Honestly , I have ideas and plans to execute, but not much knowledge in the space considering I for worked on the lowest ends of other businesses for years and transitioning is going to be quite the climb so any and all advice helps thanks.

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