João Almeida from OpenNode processing via lightning network.

About the episode.


Show Notes

  • What brought to bitcoin. 1:15
  • What is OpenNode doing? 2:
  • Where are we using ? 3:03
  • João explains how the lightning network works. 4:10
  • The biggest challenge that OpenNode might face. 6:45
  • Where are we at with adoption of lightning? 9:00
  • What is onion routing and why is it important to include? 11:36
  • Why has João chosen to work on OpenNode? 13:37
  • Trace and João discuss how the nature of value exchange will be disrupted. 15:20
  • What are some hard examples of potential lightning network use? 16:00
  • What will we see being built on top of lightning? 18:38
  • What is João’s sense of the future? 22:37

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