• November 20,
  • By Developer.com Staff

DevOps vendor Datree.io says that is the ’s most popular programming language. Others disagree with that characterization, noting that is a subset of JSON and not really a proper programming language at all.

However, in defense of its position, Datree notes that in its analysis of millions of open source GitHub projects, it found 60 million YAML files. And in an analysis of ,000 private repositories, each had at least one YAML file. Datree says this is evidence of the growing importance of automation.

On the other hand, Julia Silge, a scientist at coding community site Stack Overflow, argued, “YAML is used a lot in configuration files, and as the ‘infrastructure as code’ practice so important to DevOps culture grows in impact, a language like YAML becomes more widespread. That being said, Stack Overflow shows that YAML is growing but is not as important as other serialization formats, not to mention other languages.”

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