The is led by two experts in the field of and creativity. It is intended for companies and startups to explore paths that lead to fresh approaches in products and services in context of . An open and guided dialogue with a companies’ team sets a environment for generating ideas and concepts, and understanding their potential.
It is a group learning experience, where a participant’s qualities, skills, creativity and drive a result oriented creative process that include storytelling, brainstorming and other techniques. The ideas and insights are then summarized into a concept guide for understanding directions and possibilities, and refining a project’s brief with new directions and creative clarity.

Ronen Kadushin, (b.1964) is a Berlin based, Israeli creativity expert, designer and design educator. He worked as a creative consultant for clients such as Vodafone, Accenture, Conrad, Deutsche Bank, Emsa and Unilever.

Rob van Kranenburg is founder of #IOT Council and ecosystem curator for large EU projects. He is based in Ghent. He is widely recognized as an IoT Influencer @robvank


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