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No matter what games strike your fancy, you can tune in to watch the Oscars live to see which of these films is crowned Best Picture.

Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name tells the story of a 17 year old boy who has a new male tutor for the summer. The film depicts the progression from their building friendship blossoming into a relationship. A Normal Lost Phone isn’t quite like that, but without spoiling too much, the game has the core idea of a coming of age story involving discovering one’s own sexuality. The game gives you a phone, and your goal is to uncover the secrets that it holds with every message, dating site post, e-mail, calendar appointment, and more.

A Normal Lost Phone

A Normal Lost Phone

Plug In Digital

Peek into someone’s life through their phone.

A Normal Lost Phone puts you in the shoes of the investigator. A cell phone is found and through reading messages, browsing pictures and applications you discover details about the owner. Ultimately discover there’s mystery involved.


Dunkirk is a movie that focuses on a microcosm of WWII as hundreds of thousands of soldiers are trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk. The movie has three distinct perspective with a focuse on the beach, in the air, and in the civilian boats coming to ferry men off the beach. Valiant Hearts delivers a similar focus of a select few characters on the battlefield. The main difference is that Valiant Hearts is set in WWI instead of WWII, but the tragedy of war is the focus of both.

WWI Puzzles
Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Point and click your way through this touching adventure about war

Get ready to experience a lot of emotion in this touching point-and-click adventure game about War I.

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour details the trying times of Winston Churchill as he becomes Prime Minister at the outset of WWII, and is faced with the impending fall of France. Think Like Churchill is an educational game that is sort of a biography of Churchill. You’re given background of Churchill, and then presented with scenarios in which you use what you read to make a decision like Churchill would. The decisions Churchill faced in Darkest Hour are trying to say the least, and Think Like Churchill offers a little more insight in how he came to those decisions.

Think Like Churchill

Think Like Churchill

Touch Press Inc

Read about Churchill, and try to make decisions like he would.

The app is styled after a graphic novel to depict each of the six tough decisions you will have to make. Each decision is analyzed and deciphered as you’re giving the scenario and have to make a choice. The includes over 80 authentic original documents from the Churchill library.

Get Out

Get Out is a bit genre defying, and yet still maintains a horror idea. You follow a young African American man’s trip to his white girlfriend’s parents. Without spoiling it, there’s a reason he needs to Get Out. Inside is a survival horror game in which you play as a little boy in a futuristic world in which everyone is being turned into mindless drones. You need to guide him out of his predicament through challenging adventure sequences in a monochromatic world.

Safe Cracker
Playdead's INSIDE

Playdead’s INSIDE


The best part is that after a few sudden changes, you come to expect them, which builds up suspense as you move through the world.

Inside continues the 2D puzzle platformer formula of Limbo, and enhances it in nearly every way. Prepare for a suspenseful storyline filled with eerie moments.

Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a coming of age story for a high school senior. The film also cover the relationship of mother and daughter. Florence is only slightly a game, and more of an interactive storybook that covers a coming of age story in its own right. Ladybird has an ornate script, while Florence has no dialogue at all. Yet, both convey the challenges of a young woman growing up.

A new way to chat


Annapurna Interactive

An interactive storybook that is filled with mini games, and follows the story for a first love.

Experience an endearing and heartfelt story in Florence as you witness a young girl go through the various stages of first love.

Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread revolves around a fashion designer at the height of his career. The movie delves into a romance with a young love, but the core idea of being a couturier applies to one game in particular. Patchwork is a board game in which you sew pieces into a quilt, and try to complete your quilt before your opponent. The board game doesn’t have a narrative, but the sewing of threads is shared by both film and game.

Choose your piece
Patchwork The Game

Patchwork The Game


Sew up some fun with this mobile version of the physical board game.

In Patchwork: The Game, each oddly shaped piece of fabric will cost you buttons and provide you moves on the timeline game board. Once you pick your piece, you can place it on your board wherever you like. Then tap the stitch icon to secure it in place. The winner of the game is the one who reaches the end of the timeline game board first. You can play with an opponent online, locally, or against the .

The Post

The Post is set in 1971, and details the struggles of newspapers when it comes to publishing politically sensitive documents. The movie focuses on The Washington Post’s owner and executive editor as they wrangle with the implication of publishing portions of the Pentagon Papers. There are legal and political obstacles they must face. Westport Independent is a game that lets you oversee a newspaper in a dictatorship in which everything is censored. The game is set in a much more oppressive society, but both movie and game deal with government trying to influence what the press publishes.

Edit articles
The Westport Independent

The Westport Independent

Coffee Stain Studios AB

Decide what articles to publish under strict censorship by the government.

The Westport Independent lets you play as a newspaper editor trying to survive in a totalitarian state with strict censorship. You need you pick and choose the right articles, and the best headlines to continue to operate by making appealing articles to sell papers, but make sure those articles don’t prickle the feathers of the government.

The Shape Of Water

The Shape of Water covers the unique romantic attraction between a mute woman and an aquatic creature. The film is beautifully shot with so much care and craftsmanship applied to depicting the era and setting. Love You To Bits provides its own love story of an odd connection with a man and a robot. The game is packed with personality and charm applied to the ornate puzzle adventure scenes. Love knows no bounds in these two.

Solve puzzles
Love You To Bits

Love You To Bits

Alike Studio

An endearing point-and-click puzzle adventure

Love You To Bits is a cute point-and-click puzzle adventure that tells the story of Kosmo, a clumsy space explorer, who is in love with Nova, his robot girlfriend. As they travel through space together, a fatal accident scatters Nova’s bits across the galaxy, and Kosmo must set out on a quest to collect them and rebuild her to be together again.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards delivers a dark comedy storyline revolving around the rape and murder of the main character’s daughter. The local police have had a tough time gaining any traction in the case that rocked the small town. It was tough to find a match for this one, but Thimbelweed Park has some nice similarities. The game lets you play as detectives trying to solve a murder in a small town. Like the movie, the game delivers an outstanding storyline with a sharp focus.

A variety of characters
Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park

Terrible Toybox, Inc.

Thimbleweed Park is a point-and-click adventure game that’s dark, mysterious, and packed full of humor.

The classic style of point and click adventure games of the past like Secret of Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, and others are on full display in Thimbleweed Park. You get to play as two Agents who are faced with a small town murder to solve. There are numerous quirky characters to interact with as you play through a storyline that is about a dozen hours.

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