Like many other sectors, the future of fitness is customized and partially online – though to get results, one will still have to monitor their diet and exercise in real life.

With 23 million customers, Beachbody is a worldwide leader in health and fitness. With over 5 million monthly unique visitors, started to face some real-time big challenges. Beachbody was running a conventional on-premises Oracle warehouse to store its corporate information but knew it would need more agility and flexibility to scale with their customer growth.

In the video below, Beachbody explains how it modernized its data architecture and enabled data self-service to leverage real-time big data.

To leverage real-time big data, Beachbody had to improve the scalability of both its data architecture and its workforce. The answer to its challenge was in the .

Talend Helps Beachbody Power Up its Cloud Data Lake

To modernize its data architecture, Beachbody decided to move to the cloud by building a cloud data lake on and Hadoop. Using Talend Real-Time Big Data to ingest its data into Amazon Simple Storage Service ( S3) and , Beachbody was able to do its cloud migration in less than 6 .

To improve to the productivity of its workforce and them to scale their operations, Beachbody made its AWS data lake accessible via self-service analytics tools including Talend Data Preparation. Now, the company’s centralized analytics team has near-real-time access to essential information concerning its customers and coaches. They can monitor and analyze website activity, logs from Beachbody on-demand (the company’s workout-video streaming service) and external data on customer acquisition and spending.

By switching to cloud analytics and enabling self-service, Beachbody can understand in near-real-time consumer behavior in fitness centers and online and better personalize offerings. The benefits of ingesting its data into a data lake on Amazon S3 proved invaluable. They reduced data acquisition time by 5x, allowing more time for analysis. The results are simple: increased effectiveness of digital campaigns, and decreased customer churn.

To take a deeper dive on how Beachbody created their data platform on the cloud, watch the webinar on-demand here.

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