So I normally would NEVER do this, but I’m launching two web in tandem. In two COMPLETELY different markets.

I’m only doing this because the secondary one stems from a platform I had built that I abandoned for my primary (travel space) project. Rather than just considering it a waste, I was convinced by my makeup artist (I work in TV and film for my “day” job) to simply repurpose it for a new industry.

The beauty and style space.

Which is massive and as I test the platform I’ve had huge amounts of positive feedback from the potential customer base (makeup artists, hair stylists, nail techs, etc etc).

So I’m doing a “fuck it, let’s see what happens” launch. Allocating some funds for a test run of ads (Instagram and ) to hopefully get those service providers to sign up. Both for free and ideally premium paid memeberships.

Aside from simply social ads, what are some additional avenues? I defiantly want to reach Instagram influencers, but can’t seem to lock in a valid source. Too many fishy looking sites.

Any advice?

Oh, and if anyone knows a big name in the beauty/style space with a large social following that may be interested in partnering up for equity as the “face” of the brand, let me know (there would defiantly be some commission equity in that)


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