Imagine if you could ask questions with the ease of natural language and discover insights from all the in your organization without worrying about different formats. What if you could also reveal deep insights from your without spending hours wrangling the ? How much more productive would you be if you could explore your securely through an intuitive unified ? Does a “ assistant” that offers actionable advice by quickly analyzing vast amounts of structured and unstructured sound exciting? 

IBM Watson Explorer Community Edition makes it possible. Register for the on-demand webcast for an exclusive demo of the brand new Watson Explorer cognitive platform.

Power of machine learning for all your data

The Watson Explorer Community Edition offers completely new cognitive platform that allows you to apply the power of machine learning to unlock new patterns, trends and cognitive insights from across all your data. Watson Explorer Community also enables you to ask questions in natural language, making it easier than ever to analyze both structured and unstructured data. Watson Explorer Community helps you and leverage highly custom cognitive at scale.

Empower every knowledge worker

The Watson Explorer Community Edition empowers every knowledge worker, whether they are a business analyst, researcher or data scientist. Watson Explorer Community Edition simplifies the ability to extract invaluable insight from all the data residing within the organization, including dark data and with content repositories in the . It also brings the power of IBM Watson to your enterprise and allows you the flexibility of choosing your deployment environment, whether it’s public, private or hybrid cloud.

Experience the power of artificial intelligence on all your data with the Watson Explorer Community Edition. Join the on-demand webinar for an exclusive preview of the brand new cognitive platform by our leading experts.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Introduction to the Watson Explorer Community Edition
  • How the new cognitive platform brings data from across the enterprise to deliver cognitive insights
  • Live demo of the Watson Explorer Community Edition
  • How to easily build custom cognitive solutions — at scale

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more.

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