I have 15-20 different accounts linked to burner emails.

There are 6 different passwords that I use for these accounts, and each uses one of those passwords (each password used at least twice). For most of these accounts I only needed to log in once so didn’t put which accounts used which password.

Now I need to get into one of the accounts but I forgot the pass for the account and I can’t remember the email that it used (I send recovery and it said sent to your email).

I was gonna suck it up and just try each password for each email but brute force stopped working when I became unsure of whether I had entered each password correctly.

If I could figure out which email the instagram account used I could just try the six passwords for that email and get the password reset link.

I tried making a new account and hoping that if the email were in my contacts it would bring the account up as suggested, didn’t work.

Is there some way I can figure out which email the account uses? I have the account username. There’s no phone number to it.

Sorry if the description of my problem is kind of confusing. And I know I lack creativity

(If there are any obvious fixes that don’t require please also alert me but generally keep it pertinent to r/hacking)

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thanks you RSS link
( https://www.reddit.com/r/hacking/comments/84a4x4/_email_of_instagram_account__of_course/)


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