Last year at SIGGRAPH, Framestore’s Johannes Saam gave me an exclusive tour of a passion project he was working on — a fractal multiverse called Coral.

I found myself lost among the patterns, flying in every direction and overwhelmed by the endless space around me. I could change the parameters of the universe just by pressing buttons on an Xbox controller, or switch to an entirely different universe and change the rules there too. For some math-loving developers and VR enthusiasts out there, Coral is a dream come true.

For those of you excited to in VR, Framestore is readying to release a version of the software for Rift and Vive on Pi day, March 14. You can up here. I’m told the VR version of Coral runs on a GTX 70 or equivalent, with a non-VR mode that should run on a GTX 50.

Also, if you want to know more about Coral, Saam is delivering a talk at GDC on March 20 alongside Mariano Merchante about developing the experience.

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