Finally the age of stutter-stepping around demons has come to an end: DOOM on PC is getting support with an update tomorrow at 1:00PM PT! This means that using the trackpad you’ll be able to freely move around the game without the need for user-made mods or teleportation-only movement. Comparatively, smooth locomotion by way of the Dualshock 4 gamepad or PS Aim controller was included on the PSVR edition of the game at launch.

You can see PSVR’s PS Aim movement in the video below:

Starting tomorrow, players on the HTC Vive (and now Mixed Reality headsets) will be able to move around the game world completely freely. This has been one of the biggest criticisms of the game ever since its launch late last year. For a franchise that’s founded on its insane sense of speed, it felt extremely odd to have the feature omitted from the PC version at launch.

According to the Steam Update entry, the patch includes:

  • Official Windows Mixed Reality headset support,
  • Smooth Locomotion control ,
  • Smooth Locomotion movement speed options,
  • Weapon Pitch option to adjust angle of weapon on controller,
  • Jump options while using VR controllers with Smooth Movement on,
  • Toggle for Dash when smooth movement is on,
  • Jump added to Gamepad controller scheme,
  • Fix for an issue with discoloring seen on some HMDs,
  • And various other bug fixes.

Since this update adds official Windows VR support, it’s curious that it doesn’t add official Oculus Rift support as far as we know — especially considering a Steam beta workaround was quickly available. We’ve reached out to Bethesda for comment on whether or not this update fixes Rift support.

Is this update enough to get you to come back to the game, or to try it for the first time? Let us know down in the comments below and read our full review for more on what we thought of DOOM VFR!

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