There have been calls in the international community for improved quality and availability of migration statistics for several decades. As with any other area of policy domain, the on migration ought to be the foundation for informed decisions, but it’s not always the .

That’s crucial anytime there is a displacement crisis, like the ones happening across the European continent. Individuals and families from places like Afghanistan and Syria put their lives at risk as they flee violence and conflict, hoping for a better life.

Timely, accurate statistics are necessary to give these migrants effective assistance, so that common misperceptions can be countered, as they often just postpone humanitarian and political responses that are so urgently needed.

How does migration data even matter? Migration statistics prove crucial to the design and implementation of sensible and practical migration policies. They’re critical if migration is ever to get mainlined into the planning for national development and growth, as the impact of migration on a particular country is assessed. It’s also a chance to look at how development conversely impacts migration, as well as how policies might shape the behavior of migrants. If a nation doesn’t have robust migration statistics, then it can’t seriously plan …

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