I had the privilege of sitting down with Charlene O’Hanlon from DevOps TV along with Robert Reeves from Datical and Derek Langone from XebiaLabs to talk about what the holds for in the enterprise and what to be on the lookout for the coming year.

It was a great discussion and we talked about some we are seeing in our areas of expertise. Key themes pointed out were:

  • Increase in executive involvement in DevOps — organizations want to make sure software is not only delivered on time, but that it satisfies business goals and customer expectations.
  • Scale, scale, scale. DevOps is expanding beyond the application layer. We see silos or pockets of and now the question is how to scale both up to the project portfolio and across the organization.
  • Migration to the . This is not a new trend, but XebiaLabs sees this trend moving forward stronger than ever.
  • Value Stream Management — DevOps efforts are perceived from a higher level. The business leaders have a good understanding of this concept and it gives a common language to bring together software teams with company management.

Charlene also asked us to provide predictions around what’s coming in the future and where we will see DevOps in five years. I believe the rise of Artificial Intelligence () and the use of analytics will dominate the conversation around DevOps in the near future. The industry is only scratching the surface when it comes to the potential of AI and the applications are endless.

As we continue to collect key analytics around software development and delivery, the is overwhelming. With the ability to make that information actionable for the business, we are sure to see products that are more responsive to feedback and targeted toward specific customer profiles.

Also, the more automation is applied throughout the software development lifecycle, in combination with the business intelligence harvested from data analytics, AI will become the new reality in this space.

the full interview:

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