I noticed that there can be what seems to be more than 1 signature in a .

The transaction in question is: https://blockchain.info/tx/32e8677c968981549acc25f46641c74a3055d949c90bd22c15a5236bf92a622d

Below is a ScriptSig sample in question:

ScriptSig: 0[]

The above text is taken from blockchain.info webpage for the first ScriptSig in that particular transaction.

It seems like there is 2 pieces of PUSHDATA(71)304402...01 and from the sequence and formatting, it is a encoded signature.

My question would be how would there appear to be 2 pieces of PUSHDATA(71)304402...01 which is 2 pieces of digital signatures ?

Shouldn’t a private key only a single digital signature and not two ?

Also, how do I interpret the final chunk regarding the PUSHDATA1[5221...53ae]

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