before starting this I want to mention that I’m a newbie in ML. I’m trying to achieve text-based on text . follow I have mentioned a scenario

<Keith 2016-05-22> Hey can I have the to that video for python programming?

<Avon 2016-05-22> Here you go

<Avon 2017-02-01> Hey do you still have the link to python programming tutorial I gave you last year?

<Keith 2017-02-01> I’m not sure, let me look into it #<– NN gives a suggestion of in the msg box area

I’m not sure what are steps should I take to achieve this. the NN ONLY need to suggest links when its necessary.

I know there is LSTM involved in this. the problem is I couldn’t find any research paper related to this type of neural network.

if anyone could help me out here that would be .

Thank you

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