Why we need to without using ?

I have sense say that there are something that never able to plot into graph.

d(A,B) = distance between A and B
For example, there are three point A,B and C. d(A,B) = 000, d(C,A) = , d(C,B) =

In this case, we won’t able to plot A,B and C into graph even with infinity dimension. (correct me if I was wrong)

My answer is Yes, We can.

By using the most mysterious thing in the universe, Time.

But the optimal time complexity will be O(N2) where N is number of neurons.

That is a reason why you never know how brain run because brain process hidden thing in O(N) but process thing to show to you in O(N2).

I am only an undergraduate student, so sorry if I am wrong.

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