recreates first photography show

Virtual reality is being used to transport people more than 150 years back in time to experience the world’s first photography exhibition. Visitors can walk through a digitally reconstructed room replicating the event in 1839 when photographer William Henry Fox Talbot presented his prints… (BBC)

Ericsson and Vodafone are using virtual reality to show how 5G works

For this week’s Mobile World Congress trade show, attendees that stopped by the Swedish company’s booth could put on a virtual reality headset for a real-life experience with lower and higher speeds while playing a video game similar to the hit first-person shooter Counter Strike… (Adweek)

‘Planet of the Apes’ VR game coming this April

The first-person game, which is set in-between the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” movies, lets players experience the world of the franchise from the perspective of an ape who has been captured by humans… (Variety)

Augmented reality drone company Edgybees $5.5 million

Edgybees enables developers to create realistic, immersive experiences that layer 3D visuals over live video from fast-moving cameras. Its patent-pending algorithms stream video and from cameras mounted on cars, unmanned aerial platforms or body-worn accessories and can maintain virtual overlays locked against the real world, the company explains… (Unmanned Aerial)

YouTube uses to replace video background without green screen

Dubbed Mobile Real-time Video Segmentation, the tech uses AI and machine learning to let users replace the background on their video in real-time. The tool is already in testing for YouTube, and it’s as easy to use as applying filters to a still photo… (Slash Gear)

Snap is reportedly working on two new versions of Spectacles

The company believes augmented reality will play a key role in the evolution of personal computing… (Tech Spot)

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