Notifications isn’t exactly a surprise element for the marketers, as everyone knows it could boost your business in no time. However, even after this secret is out for , most of the owners fail to optimize their apps with notifications. The real quest is how to use the feature so that it could really help in increasing the user engagement in a short period of time. 

In today’s competitive , most of the users download an app and forget about it after some time and that can later make the user uninstall it. However, if the user is interested then he/she will be launching it again and again. So, not only your app will stay on the mobile, but your app will also acquire best user engagement of all time. 

On the worrying side, push notification could make you lose the user if not engaged wisely. Too many or irrelevant push notifications will annoy the user and then eventually will make them kick out your app from their phones. So, with this piece of information, we bring you the 5 most effective techniques that you can use to leverage the push notifications.  

Top 5 push notification you should implement in your app strategy for profitable results are:

1.The On-boarding campaign

Once the user has downloaded your app and gone through it but then closes it after some time. Now, what, it is obvious that the user is interested in your service as he/she has downloaded the app. But, why would they open your app for the second time in such a short period of time? Here comes the on-boarding or welcome push notifications campaign. For this notification, you need to come up with something interesting for the users. You need to ask yourself why would the user open your app for the second time. The answer is obvious, you are required to offer a great deal as a creative welcome message. Consider you own a shopping app and you are pushing a welcome notification that composes of a compelling deal. You can either offer a heavy discount or any other deal to the user mentioning that it is the part of the onboarding process of your app. With this, the user will not only open your app but also get a great impression and will surely feel special. 

2.The Re-calling or Retargeting Campaign

This push notification campaign is the opportunity for you to not only engage user once again with your app but also boost up your business. Here you will be targeting the regular users of your app and asking them to complete any in-app action that they have left undone. Use this campaign as the gentle reminder for your user to complete a certain action. The personalized campaign for user’s due actions will lead to a higher number of conversions. For example, if a user has shown interest in any item on your website or left it the cart, you can choose a push notifications for that. You can ask the user to buy that item if he/she is still interested in that product. For this campaign, you can track the user behavior on your app and previous actions to send more precise notifications to them.

3.Time-Sensitive Campaign

These push notifications technique is the most successful technique for the mobile apps that could double or triple the company’s business in a short amount of time. However, the things could go just opposite if you aren’t conscious enough. Not only the excessive and irrelevant but also improper time-based notifications can cost you the users. But, if you use the Time-Sensitive campaign effectively you can make the most out of the app. Sometimes the news or information is so important that you have to deliver it across the users. For example, a news app has to push any big action in the entertainment or shopping app has talked about its huge one day sale to the customers. Now, you have to make sure that you take care of pushing the notifications immediately to the users. The users need to get the information instantly without any delay this will build the trust of the users in your service and will get you more user-engagement.

4. Location-based campaign

The smartphones have made many things possible for the business owners by bridging the gap between the physical and digital world. The location-based campaign is one of the most successful technique to take your user engagement at the peak point. You can use the geo-tagging to deliver location-based push notifications to your users. However, there is a thumb rule that you need to remember while implementing this campaign. You may not want to try this on the inactive users as it could backfire. Instead, target the users who are actively engaged with your app by delivering location-based notifications to them. For example, you have a food delivery or dining app you can leverage this campaign the most. Whenever a customer nearby a restaurant that is offering the heavy discount or any offer you can alert the user about these deal. Besides, you can smartly use this opportunity to tempt your user with an informative push notification that will lead him/her to launch the app. 

5. Reward Campaign

There is only one way to earn your user’s loyalty by long-term relationship and that is the reward. But, how can you blend the reward system to your push notification technique, that is a real task? Once the user has used the app many times, what is there for the user to keep using it for a long time. In order to build the user’s loyalty, you need to offer rewards to the user not feels privileged but also keep interested in the app. Push the notifications with personalized deals or discounts for the user as a reward for their action. For example, a user has ordered food on your app continuously 5 times, then for the next order give 20% discount. This will help in generating more user engagement and revenue as well.

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