I am not a retail expert, but I can see the appeal of walking into a shop, picking up some and walking out, without the need to stand in a queue. The success of the Go test stores in Seattle is a testament to our desire of simplifying our modern lives.

But then, it makes me think…

If a simple life is a life in our own little bubble, whizzing from task to task without any to contemplate those around us, what damage might this self-absorption cause? I personally don’t mind waiting for a few minutes in the checkout line, watching a child help their parent load the conveyor belt, smiling ruefully at the teen buried in their and exchanging a grateful glance with the till assistant as they speed me through.

There are so many “” moments that technology has the to delete from our lives, but actually, if we are conscious of the opportunities, tech actually has the to the human experience.

Let’s take the retail example.

Yes, the technology could potentially take away the bottleneck of the checkout experience, but I believe that savvy retailers will realise that people go to the shops for those …

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