At Exago, we are always looking for ways to further improve the application’s user experience. While these advances are most noticeable in major enhancements such as our newly-released dashboard designer and formula code completion, upgrades to client- and server-side performance are just as important. For Exago’s v2017.2 release, I was tasked with speeding up our client-side application and so became familiar with a number of performance improvement . Web technologies such as Flexbox, better in-browser performance profiling, and particularly have helped us reach our usability goals.

JsPerf is a , - tool that encourages collaboration and sharing of performance testing. The website uses Benchmark.js along with an embedded Java applet to record execution times of JavaScript code snippets at a high precision. Benchmarks of many commonly used JS web functions have already been cataloged on jsPerf. Most of these tests show results from different browsers, revisions of the original test, and comments on the results and their validity. Although these publicly searchable benchmarks are unlikely to match your specific need exactly, they’re a great reference tool for comparing the performance of simple functions.

How can jsPerf help with more complex systems?

The first step to leveraging jsPerf for your own …

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