With such a strong global community, we see a stream of creators building and sharing new content all the time. This week, we wanted to showcase some community projects that you may not have seen yet.


Betatron is a 3D immersive puzzle game played by moving beta particles through the environment. Through the use of various like lasers, shrink rays, and additional particle systems, each puzzle gets more and more complex. With 30 levels to play, can you beat them all?

Requires: Mac or , Oculus Rift
From: United States

Archena Ancient Baths


Explore a beautiful and detailed recreation of an ancient Roman bath. Archena allows the user to enter a fully interactive 3D environment, where you can reach out and touch the water or explore the surrounding passageways.

Requires: Windows, Oculus Rift
From: Spain

3D Night Vision

Throw out your old-school blue/red 3D glasses with 3D Night Vision. The 3D effect is made possible by applying separate color filters to each of the camera inputs and the Image API.

Requires: Windows
From: Netherlands

Fairy Viewer


Fairies live all around us, but only in this mixed-reality experience will you be able to see them. If you’re lucky, a fairy will land on the palm of your hand.

Requires: Mac or Windows, Oculus Rift
From: United States

TOUCH with WebGL & Leap Motion


In a meditative experience WebGL, ThreeJS, and a post-processing tool are used to simulate the physical effects of interacting with falling sand.

Requires: Web browser
From: United States

WrenAR VR/UI (on the moon)


WrenAR is a playful VR UI demo with a lunar theme. Throw orbs, play with rays, and type on a VR keyboard as you float across the dark side of the moon.

Requires: Windows, Oculus Rift
From: United States

Have a project you’ve been working on? Submit it here or send an email to developers@leapmotion.com and let us know more about it.

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