With the #MeToo movement and the increasing number of running for public office, 2018 may just turn out to be the year of the woman. And when it comes to technology, more girls and are learning to code and launching their own startups with a focus on helping other .

Here are five startups founded by women to pay attention to this year.

1. Maven

Certain aspects of women’s healthcare still to this day remain taboo talking points. Periods. Contraception. Fertility.

Maven was created to change this and to provide women with easy to healthcare and a community of support.

Founded by Katherine Ryder in 2014, Maven is comprised of a group of doctors, nurses, mental health counsellors and specialists in all areas of women’s health. The app makes it incredibly easy to schedule a convenient appointment via video or private message.

2. iSonoHealth

iSonoHealth is a startup that is utilising the power of and 3D technology to help women with personalised at- breast health monitoring.

Founded in 201 by Maryam Ziaei and Shadi Saberi, the solution features a machine learning algorithm that helps doctors identify abnormal masses in real time and helps to provide a more accurate diagnosis. This is a game-changer in early …

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