August 7, 2017

The price of is going through the roof, with very little out there if it is rational. In the latest episode, Neal & Nathan explore that could determine if the price is overspeculated, or is perfectly priced. The factors are: Macro-economic trends, Bitcoffee Index, Value of Trust and Mining Convenience. We will use these four factors in future episodes when comparing Bitcoin to other Cryptocurrencies that could rival it’s dominace in the future. 

Macro-Economic trends are important since certain countries could be using Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin as a havan. A sudden changes in governmental policies could see unexpected trend reversals.

The Bitcoffee Index highlights the mechanics of a currency, and how transaction costs and time to confirm payment could impede adoption.

Value of Trust is the hardest to determine, but each country has it’s own perception as to what that is. With 80% of mining pools for Bitcoin in the same country, does that impact it’s value of trust since one country could influence decision making more than others?

Mining convenience is probably an over-looked factor since Crypto-currency design could infuence mining adoption, network size and the vastness of decentralization.

We hope you enjoyed our insight and feel free to reach out to us at Keep on hashing! 

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