In the US, manufacturing is on the rise. As ecommerce and major e-retailors are closing the gap between manufacturers and customers, many entrepreneurs are shifting their focus to production. Instead of starting the next app or software , you can venture into manufacturing businesses. Here are some of the most interesting manufacturer startup .

1. Toy manufacturing business

The toy industry is a massive market with plenty of opportunities. If you can come up with a fun toy that kids will love, you should considering getting into the toy manufacturing business. Or, you could win contracts to manufacture toys for other companies. In both cases, a toy manufacturing startup could be a successful venture if you get popular with many children.

2. Plastic item manufacturer

Next, you can start a plastic or materials manufacturing company. There are so many industries that require plastic parts in large volumes. You can buy used injection molding machines and produce whatever products your customers require. Once you have the part design, molds and materials in place, you are limited only by the capacity of your machine. In the future, you could have many long-term partners that you produce parts for.

3. Open a brewery

Moving towards the food and beverage industry, some entrepreneurs are opening their own breweries. They are producing their own beer locally and selling them at a retail location or to local shops. Of course, you will need to acquire the proper permits and licenses to produce your own beer and serve it. However, it can be a niche business that really takes off while you have full control over the manufacturing process.

4. Handbag manufacturing

As you may know, handbags are a major commodity. A luxury, well-made handbag could for hundreds of dollars per bag. You will need some knowledge of manufacturing bags, clothing or accessories. However, if you make it to a significant level of brand awareness in the fashion industry, this is a highly profitable manufacturing startup.

. Become a furniture manufacturer

One of the most established industries, furniture manufacturers have seen extreme innovation and cost reduction. Still, there are new processes, materials, and equipment to utilize in the furniture industry. A furniture manufacturing startup could create some niche items and expand to make their own full line of , office and commercial furniture products.

If you want to start a manufacturing company, these are some great ideas to get you started. Of course, you should choose an industry that supports your prior experience and skill sets. Especially, if you have any industry contacts, consider doing a manufacturing startup that services that industry.

The examples in the toy and plastic industries can take off with the right contacts. Or, a background would help grow a brewery or handbag manufacturer. Best of all, prior manufacturing experience could set you up to get into a highly competitive manufacturing business like furniture production.

In any case, research with ideas work best for you and your strengths. With the right manufacturing tips, you could have a successful startup very soon.

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