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has been around for decades. Even though it doesn’t have the popularity that it once had, there are still a ton of people who enjoy pinball. Admittedly, the selection on isn’t great, but here are the five best pinball games on ! It’s not on the proper list, but check out Vector Pinball for a good, basic, simple, free pinball game. We should note that this isn’t a very popular genre on mobile. Thus, you won’t see too many new entrants as the years go by.

Pinball Arcade

Price: Free / Up to $39.99

Pinball Arcade is a functional and fun pinball game on Android. It features above average graphics, plenty of table themes, and reasonably decent ball physics. You get the usual paddle controls along with a tilt option. The tilt control can either be by touch or shaking your device. We like the customization there. There really isn’t a whole lot wrong with this one. There aren’t a ton of free tables upon first download. However, the developer does give away three or four of them per month for free. Thus, a little patience and you can get yourself a decent little collection. The game is free to download and play with advertising. You can purchase tables and other stuff with in-app purchases.

Pinball Flipper Classic

Price: Free

Pinball Flipper Classic is one of the better free pinball games. It features a basic pinball experience along with ten pinball tables. Some other features include 33 achievements, leaderboards, and some fun themes. Our favorite was the 2048 machine that scores like the mobile game does. It even includes online multiplayer although that experience is a little rough around the edges. The game is free with advertisements. The ads can be a little obnoxious. We would’ve liked a paid version to remove them. Otherwise, it’s not bad at all.

Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded is a huge pinball game. It features 50 levels with various themes as well as power ups, mini-games, and various game modes. Additionally, it has online multiplayer, achievements, challenges, and more. The mechanics are relatively solid with no serious flaws in terms of physics. However, the game is also a freemium game. Expect that to get in the way a little bit.


Price: Free / $2.99

PinOut is one of the most unique pinball games. It’s actually an infinite runner that integrates pinball mechanics. You hit the ball with the flappers to continue to the next portion of the game. It doesn’t have in-app purchases like most infinite runners. That makes it a unique infinite runner as well. The game looks good with decent mechanics. You also get stat tracking and some additional small things. There is a single $2.99 purchase that unlocks checkpoints. It’s a unique pinball game. The game is a little older, though. Be sure to download it and play a little before purchasing to make sure it works fine on your device.

Zen Studios

Price: Free / Varies

Zen Studios is a developer on Google Play. The studio specializes in pinball games. It has the basic game, Zen Pinball. It has a variety of tables with more available as in-app purchases. Other pinball games available include Alien vs Pinball, Bethesda Pinball, Marvel Pinball, Star Wars Pinball, Family Guy Pinball, and many others. Some of them are free while others require a small purchase. They all have the same underlying pinball engine. Thus the physics don’t change on a game-to-game basis. They’re rock solid and highly popular pinball games.

If we missed any great pinball games, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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