Graphics are amazing, lacking some features though. NEEDS SWITCH BUTTON!

Like I said in the title, the graphics on the new iPad Pro 11 inch are incredible. They may beat the Nintendo Switch graphics & honestly aren’t all that far behind the PS4 or Xbox One. I also love the addition of controller play. The graphics are great & all, but it doesn’t feel like a console game until you pick up that controller. Well done.

That being said, the game could use some more features. Pretty much all sports games now on iOS have some aspect of multiplayer. This does not. Playing ghosts of other does not seem like multiplayer. I mean, in todays day & age, it feels like live multiplayer is standard in a ton of gaming. If Fortnite is possible on , it certainly is here. Add this to help maximize the potential of this game & its graphics!

Would be cool to see other features such as leagues (meaning like a clan or group), a marketplace, seasonal events/uniforms, etc. Ill also add to PLEASE ADD A SWITCH BUTTON!! Seems ridiculous that it’s still not on the game. I play with a controller & not having a switch button is what makes this not feel like a console game. If you want to make this like a console game, this is completely necessary.

This game has so much potential on the iPad given the great graphics, but has got to offer a bit more. Here’s hoping!

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